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We are offering Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Trap and Club Beats.


How to buy beats

1. Click +ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order.

2. Select the license you require.

3. When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to PayPal.

4. After payment you will receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail).

Free Downloads

1. Click on the download button next to the beat you wish to download for free.

2. Choose one of the displayed options to get your Free Download.

3. Click on ”Get Free Download”.

4. Your beats will be sent to your e-mail.

Important Note: All free beats except the ones labeled with ”FREE LEASE” are tagged and for writing and listening purposes only. If you want to release a song you can buy beats online using our Beat Store.

By purchasing, you agree to and are bound by the licensing terms down below.

Bulk Deals


(Select all 3 beats with the same license and the discount will be applied automatically)

Coupon Codes

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  • Benefits

    Artist Friendly

    All our beats are created with the artist in mind first ! Our strengths lie in providing ready-to-use beats so that artists can start recording right after they receive them. All beats are mixed and arranged with the artist in mind who is going to be the last instrument.

    Secure Payments

    All payments are highly secured via PayPal and Stripe. Your personal data will not be shared.

    Try Before Buying

    Write and record your song to one of our beats before you buy beats online. Download our beats (tagged) from our beat store for free using the orange download button next to the beat(s) you want!

    Industry Quality Mix

    With over 8 years of experience in audio engineering we will make sure you get industry quality hip hop beats which will sound great on any speaker system. During the mixing process we will also make sure to leave enough room for your vocal so that you can get ready-to-use beats.

    Featured Artists

    Gain free promo and become a ”Featured Artist” on our website. Buy beats online using our Beat Store and get a chance to become a ”Featured Artist” by sending us your great song to our e-mail.

    Be Ahead Of Time

    Nowadays everybody can upload their music on the internet. If you want to get noticed in this oversaturated music industry you need to be unique and ahead of time. We want our artists to be noticed in this music industry. Our beats are created with a lot of emotion and with the intention to be unique and ahead of time.

    Instant Delivery

    All our products (except services) will be sent instantly after purchase. Start recording or writing instantly after you buy beats online. No need to wait.

    100% Royalty Free

    Don´t get in trouble with the law and spend A LOT of money for uncleared samples. All our hip hop beats are 100% royalty free. No samples are used in our beats even though some beats may sound like they contain sample. Buy hip hop beats and don´t worry about uncleared samples no more.



    MP3 Lease
    •  Untagged
    • 320kbps MP3 File
    • No Commercial Use
    •  Non Profit Use Only
    • Use for Soundcloud/Youtube (No Monetization)
    • You have to give credit to the producer ”prod. by Kolic Beatz”
    • High Quality 24bit WAV File
    • High Quality 24bit WAV TrackOut Files
    • Use for profitable Shows or Music Videos
    • TV/Radio Airplay
    • Beat can still be sold
    • Beat Ownership
    Shop Now

    Exclusive Rights

    Make an offer
    $Make an offer
    •  Untagged
    • 320kbps MP3 File
    • Unlimited Commercial Uses
    • Distribution: Unlimited
    • Use for Soundcloud/Youtube (with Monetization)
    •  The beat can´t be sold anymore.
    • You have to credit the producer ”prod. by Kolic Beatz”
    • High Quality 24bit WAV File
    • High Quality 24bit WAV TrackOut Files
    • Use for profitable Shows or Music Videos
    • TV/Radio Airplay
    • Beat Ownership
    Shop Now
    Note: The price of the ”Exclusive” license may vary and is negotiable. Please contact us before you decide to buy exclusive beats online so that we can find the best working solution for you which will also fit your budget.

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    Mixing & Mastering Services

    Are you having troubles to get the industry sound you hear on the radio ? Stand out from this oversaturated music industry where almost everybody is uploading their ”music” on the internet. A great mix is a huge part of the process of separating yourself from the crowd. Make your music sound great on any device !

    Vocal Mixing

    Need your vocals mixed on a already pre mixed 2-track beat (WAV format) to make the vocal and the beat fit well together or do you need a beat mixed (you need the trackouts of the beat) and your vocals on top of this beat ? Both options are available ! Click the button down below to purchase.
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    Beat Mixing

    Need your beats mixed professionally and to sound great on any system ? Stand out of the crowd by getting your beat(s) mixed by one of the best with over 8 years of experience. Convince yourself of the quality by checking out my productions in the beat store. Click the button down below to purchase.
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    All new releases will be uploaded first on our youtube channel.

    Latest Video

    Featured Artists

    Here you can listen to our ”Featured Artists”. Submit your track recorded on one of our beats to [email protected] for a chance to become a featured artist. Your song will be uploaded on my youtube channel, my soundcloud and will be posted on my twitter and facebook.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the tags be removed after I purchase ?
    All tags will be removed on all leases/ on all hip hop beats.
    What are ''Trackouts'' ?
    With trackouts you will get every single element of the beat as a separate wav file (i.e. Kick, Snare, Hihat, Piano, Synth, etc.). This way you or/and your audio engineer will have more control over the final product as you can now mix and arrange each element of the beat to your liking.
    How do I credit the Producer ?
    You have to give me credit in the title of your song. You can use either ”prod. by Kolic Beatz” or ”produced by Kolic Beatz”.
    What am I allowed to do with a ''Free Beat'' ?
    You can treat a ”Free Beat” as a ”Non-Profit” license (19.95$ Value). You can read the terms on our Pricing page.
    What payment methods do you accept ?
    You can pay with PayPal and with all major debit/credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover). All transactions are made securely via PayPal and Stripe so that you can buy beats online more secure. (You do not need to have a PayPal account to make transactions).
    Will the beat I´ve purchased be removed from your website ?
    The beat will only be removed if you have bought the ”Exclusive Rights” to a beat.
    Will the products from your shop also be delivered instantly after I purchase ?
    All products from our shop will be delivered instantly to your e-mail except ”Services” like Vocal Mixing or Beat Mixing. The turnaround time on our services depends on our current workload. Usually you will get your Services you´ve purchased within one week. After purchase you will get an e-mail with instructions on how to send us your files. When you decide to buy beats online using our Beat Store, you will get your beats instantly after you purchase.

    If you haven´t found an answer to your question, feel free to contact me using the form down below or using our facebook live chat at the bottom right corner !

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    Get Free Beats, Coupon Codes, Tips & Tricks for Artists & Much More
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